Artist Profiles

A to Z of artists taking part in this year’s festival

Location: Special Grill shutter, Brockley Road, from 10th JuneAttai Brockley Street Art Jays NBF photo

Brockley based Attai has been an active graffiti artist since the mid 80s.
He has always been experimenting with lettering and characters, absorbing sculptural and mechanical forms into his work, trying to keep things spontaneous. Over the last few years he’s become best known for painting his trademark house icon all over the place; from streets to forests, rivers and abandoned fridges, nothing is safe.

The house symbol represents man’s influence on the planet: overcrowding, pollution, rising sea levels and the unstoppable force of London’s re-development and gentrification that has been deleting history and taking away a lot of decent halls of fame in the process.

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Location: Rosie’s Florist, Crofton Park, from 2nd JuneArtista Brockley Street ArtBest known for her flying toast character, artist Kayleigh Doughty is a close collaborator with the Femme Fierce all-female street art group. She describes her work as ‘cartoon surrealist’, placing the roots of her hip-hop style, firmly in the New York lettering culture of the 70s and 80s. Artista’s work has been seen across London in many forms, even inside the walls of Tate Modern.

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Location: Side of The Gantry, Coulgate Street, from 2nd June
Founded by artist Patricio Forrester, Artmongers have been making art on the streets of South East London since 1996, having produced countless pieces independently and as part of Brockley Max. The focus of their work is public engagement, sometimes on the street, sometimes in other public spaces, but always with a playful approach to perspective.

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Location: Wall under the railway bridge, Frendsbury Road, from 5th June
Walk the backstreets of Bristol or traverse the underbelly of London, and you will be sure to find work by Aspire. His work belongs both to nature, and the digital world, bringing to life his trademark pixelated birds in a glitched but painterly technique.


Location: Wall under the railway bridge, St Norbert Road, from 2nd JuneSelf-taught Koeone, who lives and works in North Devon, has been involved in numerous group shows with the likes of David Shillinglaw and Pure Evil. His work typically features realistic female portraits with greyscale skin tones, accompanied by his tag layered in bold, bright shades.

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Lionel Stanhope
Location: Brockley Cross railway bridge, from 5th JuneLionel Stanhope Brockley Street art festivalThis Brockley local grew up in the 70s, heavily inspired by the New York graffiti scene. After developing a keen interest in lettering, Lionel painted under his graf name Shine129, before racking up over 25 years experience as a scenic artist, painting sets for theatre and film. Lionel is most famous for this ornate Brockley shutter at Mira Off Licence and his giant SE4.

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Mr Cenz
Location: Prestige Barbers, Brockley Cross, from 7th JuneCenz (c) Nelly Balazs (9)Artist Julian Phethean returns to Brockley to refresh his popular piece from 2015. Inspired by his love of hip-hop culture, he has been painting graffiti art since the late 1980s. His distinctive style, packed with colour, flowing letter and abstract forms is best described as ‘surrealist graffiti art’. His most recent work is based around female faces, working from portrait and fashion photos.

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Location: Goldstar Furniture shutter, from 3rd June
Neonita loves the rebellious nature of street art, especially in a contemporary society where much of what we look at in day to day life has the government and a capitalist incentive behind it. She enjoys the interaction between the work and the street itself, working with different surfaces, structures and scales and opening up exciting prospects.

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Pangea Arts
Location: Goldstar Furniture lower wall (see Events), from 4th JuneLocal duo James Sedgwick-Taylor and Chantel Yeung work with spray paint, rollers and freehand to create their trademark patterns, inspired by ancient mark-making and forms of calligraphy. Their ‘Words on the Walls’ project recently took them all over South America with a community-led street art project, working with children as young as 6 to design and create stencils, as well as producing large- scale collaborative murals.

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Survival Techniques
Location: Corner of Honor Oak Park and Stondon Park, from 2nd Junesurvival-techniquesIllustrator, designer and ex-professional freestyle skier, Naomi Edmondson, devised Survival Techniques as a list of things to remember when she was feeling low. Now collecting uplifting statements from others who have found them positive in times of sadness or depression, she paints them onto London walls in her signature vibrant colours.

The Doodle Man
Location: Opening night (see Events), 2nd June
This Brockley-born artist began doodling in sketchbooks as a child, but quickly progressed to doodling on all kinds of objects from dining chairs to campervans. His work is described as ‘Graffiti Spaghetti’ as it twists and tangles, consuming everything in its path, resulting in a fun and unique blend of doodle craziness.

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